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Why LibidoRing?
Welcome to LibidoArt's very own LibidoRing. I built this ring for all adults to enjoy the erotica without --as much as possible--triple-x content and banners. As RingManager, I will do my best to keep the quality and integrity of this ring in a mature form which explores our sensual nature through artistic ambition, not take advantage of it (The economic intentions of both advertising and pornography are quite similar to me).

However, we're walking a fine line here. I will do my best to weed out the triple-x while staying true to art and literature and, most importantly, freedom of speech. If you do discover questionable material within the ring that may not meet yours or LibidoRing's criteria, please help by contacting the LibidoRing Manager at or at "LibidoRing Administrative Support" underneath the ring logo. Thank you for visiting and your interest in LibidoRing! Be sure to bookmark this page for future use.

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Jeff Alexander, Manager/Editor

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