Middle America After Dark by Jaynee Levy-Polis:  The Philadelphia Artist
Gallery Five
All these pieces are multi-media, except those that specifically say "oils".   Work can be purchased through me or my gallery representation: Tzigane Fine Arts.
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 If you would like one of these paintings featuring you or someone else, Jaynee can do them to order.  

Viva La Liberte, 12 x 9", $150

Abstract Nude, 24 x 18", oils, $600

Fertility Goddess, Oils/Pastels, 2000, $500

Bach Composing at Home, 9 x 12" 
Stolen, Prints Only

Lady in Waiting, 8 x 10" $90.

The Neighbors, 6 x 8"$120.

Naked Angst, Multi-Media, 9 x 12"$120

Blue Nude, oils, 24' x 18 $500

Tattoo, 9 x 12",$100

Imp, 9 x 12"  Sold, Prints Only

Egyptian, 9 x 12", $120.

Private Party, 9 x 12"$120.

One of my favorites: Afternoon Idyll, 10 x 8" original, $350.

Miami Moon, 40 x 30", oils, $800 

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